Getting Organised

Achieve objectives and meet deadlines through effective prioritising and rapid decision-making.

Achieving objectives on schedule and within budget is crucial to the success to any organisation. Getting Organised considers the main causes of delay and inefficiency in a business environment, and offers practical ways to help you and your team identify objectives, prioritise actions, organise time efficiently, tackle issues as they arise, and use experience as an element of the decision-making process.

Adopting a do-it-now approach will enable you to maximise the performance of your organisation while allowing you to optimise your leisure time, making you more efficient in all aspects of your life. Throughout this course, practical advice is given on how to help you improve working routines, evaluate your performance and keep track of your progress.

This course covers the following areas:

  • Preparing to Do-It-Now
  • Taking Action Now
  • Deciding Logically
  • Managing Information
  • Learning from Experience