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Mission Statement.

Our mission statement is about using the art of teaching to train people and getting the best out of them; giving them the skills to perform better in the work place. This is achieved through involving course materials, skilful questioning and interactive role-play.


We believe that all of us need to continuously improve our skills by listening, learning, sharing and applying our knowledge. In this way we can cultivate qualities that will help us in our personal and secular lives.

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To find out more about Training Business for Growth, the courses we deliver and how these can be tailored to fit your company’s needs, please take a few moments to view our website or contact us at the bottom of this page.

Executive Team

Colin Fredriksen

Managing Director

I am passionate about helping clients win new business at present we have European Funding to help SME's based in London. I enjoy networking as it is great to mix business with pleasure.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."



What is it?

Coaching is an integrated set of actions, aimed at boosting the performance of an individual or team. Our coaching program includes:

  • Free ½ hour First session*
  • A context of trust and understanding
  • Use of ‘ask’, not only ‘tell’
  • Agreement on goals
  • Optimising opportunities to perform
  • Ongoing, ad hoc, feedback
  • Periodically, coaching sessions in greater depth
  • A recognition by the line manager of the obligation to coach, and the incentives to do so.
* Subject to contract. 

Delivering In-depth Sessions

Periodically the coach and coachee will decide to complement ad hoc feedback with a 30-60 minute coaching session. To ensure a relevant focus and clear outcomes, our coaches typically use a four-step agenda that covers Goals, Reality, Options and Wrap-up (GROW).

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